At the young/adolescent age of 12 when most boys play with matchbox cars and hangout with their friends, Marvin was probably somewhere practicing how to use the clippers. There was something different about him, while everyone was talking about what they wanted to be in the future and playing pretend, he was busy preparing for his. He started off cutting the boys hair in his 7th grade class and never seemed to stop. He has a passion that is bloodline driven and he doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in his way. Raised in Jersey City, N.J, where he started cutting hair out of his mothers kitchen. He was able to diversify himself from other barbers with his unique style of haircuts, designs, beards, and goatee's.
It wasn’t long before other shop owners started to notice his talent and soon invited him to work with them. It went from looking for work, to deciding whom to work for.  After a couple of years the answer to the question was simple, he decided to further his career by opening his first Barbershop in Jersey City, N.J.  With a growing career and drive to achieve amazing heights, he decided to move to Memphis, T.N. and open another barbershop known today as, “Infamous Kutz.” His name spread quicker than an airborne plague. All of the customers that get their haircuts with him never seem to regret it. He then made a decision to further his career and move to a larger city to open “Stilo Barbershop”, His barbershop has a home feeling with a Jersey Swag, it is better said that it’s hard not remember it.  Just to set the mood for you, you walk in to the shop with a movie on the plasma, good music to bop your head to, and friendly barbers who make you feel like the president while you get your haircut. This once young boy, turned man has made a name for his self, so in the words of a great man, “I was born to make people look good.” Marvin the Barber.